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We come from Poland and we are a family company. Some of our employees have been cooperating with us since the foundation of the company, others have been working with us for over ten years. Nobody is here anonymous, we know each other and we support each other, it allows everyone to get involved as best as possible in the production process. Each product is the result of work of a dozen of people, each of them has different unique skills. Thanks to this, our products are characterized by a stable construction and interesting design.

We specialize in metalworking since 1996. Although most of our production is sports equipment, we also manufacture many other devices that are used in various industries:  machine, automotive or food and much more. We produce for both Polish and European companies. The skills acquired over the years allow us to undertake various projects involving products such as


In the production cycle, we used a technological process related to serial production. Technological installation, which is a professional production line consists of machine groups. These are technologically related, independent production stations, which are basically independent of each other. Machine groups are located on one production hall with an area of ​​2200 sq m and a height of 5.5 ÷ 7 m.  The installation consists of the following machine groups:

• pretreatment       

• metal forming         

• machining       

• final processing 

Our company produces metal products from structural steel and aluminum. The basic production is:

 • machining       

• milling         

• boring       

• grinding        

• drilling          

• rolling     

• cutting       

• welding     

• locksmith works.

  • Professional sports and pilates equipment       

  • Road barriers     

  • Urban furniture 

  • Advertising Steel Structure     

  • Components of Food Processing Equipment   

  • Machine components       

  • Metal constructions for buses / car extension   

  • Metal Pallets   

  • and more...


We have been producing sports equipment for over 20 years. If you haven't heard of us before, it's probably because we mainly produced equipment for other brands (e.g. Escape Fitness, Reebok or Life Fitness), whose distributor was the company Escape Fitness.

A few years ago, as a result of the development of our company, we launched a new brand PREFERFITNESS containing our own projects. From among all available materials we choose the best ones in order to ensure the highest
quality of products designed by a qualified group of our employees with years of experience in this sector.
Manual assembly guarantees an exact quality check of all devices, which ensures that clients will receive products that meet their expectations and satisfy their needs. Our offer is intended for those who value solidarity, professionalism, and reliability.
What distinguishes us is the way we care about every little detail of our products in order to achieve the highest quality combined with manufacturing aesthetics. This is all possible as a result of our continuous growth and investments.  

Machine Park

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Plasma Cutting Machine

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TK500 / 15000 lathe

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Hydraulic Guillotine Shears

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